Thank you, Mommy Shorts!



It's been quite a while since my last blog post, but big things have been happening at Play Chic. We're currently undergoing a big rebranding effort (hence the radio silence and no new pics on the site) and, besides that, we've been crazy busy.

We've got a new member of our team, Jiliann Newbert, who has been working her butt off and fits right in with the whacked-out pace of things of things around here. What's more, she gets my sense of humor (dry, a little off-color at times) and she's not averse to schlepping or lifting the occasional queen-size bed. In short, she's awesome. 

Last week, one of our nurseries was used as a set for an Oprah documentary and this week we have a wonderful post on our friend Ilana's blog, Mommy Shorts, to share with you.

Good things are happening and we can't wait to share them with you!




Play Chic is on Apartment Therapy!

Check out this Before and After feature on Seri Kertzner's family-friendly apartment, decorated by Play Chic Interiors, over at Apartment Therapy. (I'm kind of having a hard time getting over this one. Thank you AT folks!)





New Gallery Additions

As some of you have guessed, it often takes me a while between finishing and photographing a project and sharing it on my blog and website. It's part logistics, part laziness, part not having 29 hours in a day.

Still, it's kind of fun to look back and see my work from months ago with a fresh set of eyes. It let's me take in the whole a bit more and in a bit less critical way. Even though I've shared these two projects recently, take a click over to my website gallery here and here for more pics and a little glimpse into the process of designing these spaces. 



Sleek and Sophisticated Family Apartment


Happy Friday! As the weather finally seems to be catching on this concept we like to call Spring, I thought it would be a good time to share some photos of a bright and airy family apartment that I recently completed.

For their new family home, the mother wanted sophistication, while the father wanted practicality (oh, and a mudroom, he really wanted a mudroom!). The kids? Their two year old daughter wanted to be able to color on the sofa (no, not color while sitting on the sofa - Color. On. The. Sofa.) and their newborn son, well he was really quite content to stare at the ceiling. (I'm kidding. Not really.) While the daughter may still not have express permission to color on the sofa, we chose a fabric where her parents would be none the wiser if she did. Not that we encourage stealthy behavior around these parts... 






Bright Bohemian Nursery



I posted the inspiration board for this nursery a while back (ok, more like waaay back in July) and some of you were curious about what happened since then. I'm just getting around to sorting through the photos of some of my more recent projects, so I thought now would be a good time to share it with you.

As you may remember, the space is small. It's actually a bedroom that the owners created by partitioning off a piece of their other daughter's bedroom. Hey, it's New York City, you do what you can do. Here is a floorplan of the space, created by Casa Kids, who created the beautiful millwork for the space:

This is a room where space planning really was key. One trick to dealing with a small space is to locate and highlight the room's strong points. Here, a 13' ceiling certainly stood out! To keep the space feeling as light and airy as possible, we went with a very bright white for the walls and trim. Although the space is punctuated by hits of color in the artwork and pillows, the majority of the color is concentrated on the ceiling.

And that stunning, lemon yellow chandelier? It was initially brass and something that the owner classified as "an expensive mistake". We all have them. Making lemonade out of lemons, we spray painted the fixture bright yellow, added some clear, round chandelier bulbs, and reattached the crystals for a touch of luxe. We all couldn't be happier with how the space turned out!

Here's a look at one of the inspiration boards we prepared for the client:

And some shots of the finished space. Enjoy!