Best. Sleepover. Ever.

I was wowed when I first saw the Dumbo Double Murphy Bed by Roberto Gil for Casakids a while back, and even more pleased when it showed up in the November 2012 "Small Spaces" issue of Dwell magazine. Gil has been producing original, modern designs for kids out of his Brooklyn workshop for the past 20 years. His designs tackle the challenge of living well in small spaces with equal parts beauty and ingenuity. I could see this murphy bed in a shared kids' bedroom, a guest room, or any space where an impromptu sleepover may occur.

And with a depth of only 12" when folded, this beauty is not a space saver - it's a space creator! Do you have any tips for "space creation" that you'd like to share?

Images via Casakids


Living in harmony

I love the idea of siblings sharing a room. But if a shared room is a challenge (in terms of space, privacy, and possessions), a shared room with boy-girl occupants can be a doozy! 

Or not. I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing families in designing shared bedrooms for their sons and daughters. Here are a few tips I've picked up along the way.

Paint the room white. You can add color later on. I've found that parents come to me when their childrens' room is starting to close in on itself. Starting with a fresh, white base is like taking a deep breath - it's instantly relaxing and helps you envision the space clutter-free. (A dream in itself for many parents.) If you can, I tend to prefer white furniture with simple, clean lines in shared spaces. There's inevitably a lot to fit in, so if you can allow some of the larger pieces to blend into the background, why not? In the room below, we painted the walls white, with grey trim and doors and, because the room did not get much natural light, a vibrant yellow on the ceiling. The family already owned the white changer and lamp, but the lamp shade is a Play Chic DIY.  


Pick a color palette that works for everyone. Including you. I know that some families have had great success coordinating different colors and patterns for a boy and a girl sharing the same room. However, I prefer a single color palette chosen to work for both sexes. Remember, you don't have to use every color everywhere, but the same base colors should run throughout the entire space. Here, we worked with primarily grey, yellow, and blue. A few hints of red and purple make the space girl-friendly without veering too much toward either gender.

Carve out space for each child to hang out separately and together. In this room, we added a hanging chair in a corner for private time and created a "lounge" in the center of the room - with a cozy rug, two rockers, and two floor pillows - so that the whole family can spend time together. Each child also has a small bookcase to showcase their personal treasures. 

Psst...want to know a secret? Those "floor pillows"? They're really dog beds! Ha! Gotcha. Pretty cool, though. For a dog or a kid.



What better way to kick off the new year than with a new blog! (Ok, so there might be more popular ways to finish that sentence, but still...) Welcome, friends, to Play Chic: the blog! Play Chic Interiors is a boutique interior design firm that specializes in smart, fun, and affordable spaces for kids - and the families whose services they employ. "Cheerful inconsistency" is at the heart of everything Play Chic designs and stands for. In fact, it's what I'm about as well!

Here are a few things to get you thinking - in addition to being a wife and mother, I am a a former law professor turned interior designer. My playlists consist of the Dead, Phish, and James Taylor. I love fashion and have a - some would say unhealthy - passion for Ikea (meatballs included). 

My goal for this blog is to inspire you, make you think a little, scratch your head a bit, and smile a lot. In my opinion, great design should make you happy. And great design for kids - well, that should make you *very* happy. So come along and take my hand...down the rabbit hole we go!

Image via The Cool Hunter

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