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Play Chic is on Apartment Therapy!

Check out this Before and After feature on Seri Kertzner's family-friendly apartment, decorated by Play Chic Interiors, over at Apartment Therapy. (I'm kind of having a hard time getting over this one. Thank you AT folks!)





Sleek and Sophisticated Family Apartment


Happy Friday! As the weather finally seems to be catching on this concept we like to call Spring, I thought it would be a good time to share some photos of a bright and airy family apartment that I recently completed.

For their new family home, the mother wanted sophistication, while the father wanted practicality (oh, and a mudroom, he really wanted a mudroom!). The kids? Their two year old daughter wanted to be able to color on the sofa (no, not color while sitting on the sofa - Color. On. The. Sofa.) and their newborn son, well he was really quite content to stare at the ceiling. (I'm kidding. Not really.) While the daughter may still not have express permission to color on the sofa, we chose a fabric where her parents would be none the wiser if she did. Not that we encourage stealthy behavior around these parts... 






Project Apartment

I am so excited to share my latest completed project - a downtown NYC apartment for Seri Kertzner of Little Miss Party! Little Miss Party (LMP) is an amazing boutique party planning company that specializes in creating intimate, one-of-a-kind events in Manhattan, Long Island, and the Hamptons. Let me tell you, Seri has fabulous taste. Before starting LMP, she worked for J. Crew and her aesthetic is much like that of her former employer. Actually, that was the basis of our concept boards, a look we called Preppy Chic. Here's the main inspiration board:

Before this project, Seri and I had met a couple of times and had quite a few links in common, but we never really connected ourselves. We met when we were both first pregnant with our first children - secretly pregnant, you know, when you feel like crapola, look worse than you feel (hello, acne!), and can't tell anyone why. Good times. Obviously not the best state of mind for making friends. Anyway, over the years, I kept track of Seri through friends and was so excited for her when she launched LMP. And even more excited when it started getting seriously noticed right from the start! (If you haven't already checked out their website and blog, click here. Now, please. Thank you.)

Here's some eye candy while you're waiting for LMP's page to load. You can't really tell, but the wall behind the sofa is covered in a white grasscloth with metallic backing. The cowhide is also flecked with silver. Very Subtle. And very gorgeous:

Seri's success was one of the things that inspired me to start Play Chic. When I was looking for a photographer to shoot my first "real job", she introduced me to Raquel Langworthy, LMP's go-to photographer. I had seen Raquel's photos on Seri's site and her blog, and I knew that Seri would only work with someone whose skills matched her own. What I wasn't prepared for, however, was for Raquel's talent to go far beyond photography! By the end of that first project, Raquel and I were already talking about my website, my logo, blogging, and branding. Really, she's a one-stop-shop of fabulosity!! (You like that one, right? I'm trademarking it.)

Raquel is founder of Raquel Bianca Creative (RBC), a business that originally started as children and family photography, which has grown to include website design, branding, and art direction for family businesses. How cool is that? (And, yes, she's the mastermind behind my website, my logo, and all of my photography.) Here's one of my favorite shots of the apartment, which captures Raquel's style to a T:

This is a long way of saying that Raquel is the one who eventually reconnected me with Seri when Seri was looking to redo her family's apartment. And, wow, am I glad that she did! We viewed this project as a collaboration among the three of us from the start - the party planner client, the decorator, and the photographer who documents it all - and I cannot begin to tell you how much fun we all had in doing it! This blog post is just a taste.

So, back to that concept board I mentioned. We coined the style Preppy Chic. Here are some more concept boards:

Living Area


 Dining Area

The goal was to combine color, pattern, and a little sparkle into a casual, welcoming, and functional family home. Oh, and did I mention that everything had to be able to be moved around to accommodate guests on a minute's notice? Yeah, that too. Oh, oh, and what about that Seri was hosting a co-ed bridal shower at her house about six weeks after we started the project? Yep, add that to the list. Lucky for me, Seri moves at a speed heretofore unknown to man. (Or at least to me.) She's a whirling dervish of pinning and makes decisions in a snap! And she doesn't seem to need any sleep. At all.

While I thought a more apt name for this project was Mission Impossible, we decided to call it Project Apartment. Whatever the name, I think I can safely say that the project was a success!! Seri is thrilled with the outcome. The photos are gorgeous. And I had the best time working on this apartment. I wish Seri and her beautiful family many years of happiness and joy in their new(ly redone) home!

Without further ado, here come the photos! (All photos courtest of RBC, of course.)




(The Woop Dee Doo print is actually a dishtowel I had framed as a gift to Seri. I have to also thank the wonderful Tom from Granath Colorworks for his miraculous job with the painting and wallpapering throughout the apartment.But those stripes? They're not paint. They're vinyl decals! They took less than an hour to put up and transformed the entire space from Hi, how ya doin? to Come on in and have some fun!)

Living Area

(The Haller media console from USM has to be one of my favorite pieces in the whole apartment! The white lacquer finish and metal accents pick up on the reflective touches throughout all the spaces. And I love mixing metals - the silver on the media unit and the gold accents on the cocktail bench complement each other and bring a touch more spunk to the room.)

Sitting Area 

(There's a bunch to say about this diminutive space. In the previous layout of the apartment, this bookcase was located where the blue chairs are now. This resulted in a lot of dead/unused space. By moving the bookcase next to the kitchen, we were able to create a whole new area in the apartment. The chairs are perfect for cozying up with a great book or magazine - and Seri's complete collection of W Magazine is within arms reach!

To enhance the feel of a "separate space," we needed to do something special with the bookcase wall. However, we had exhausted our painting/wallpaper budget. Not to fear! I was able to purchase this gorgeous decorative paper from Paper Source and decoupaged it to Seri's walls!! Problem solved. Beautifully.

Oh, and all those paper-wrapped books? Yes, Paper Source again. Again, they add texture and subtle interest to the bookcase wall, drawing you in. Want to know what's underneath all those bookcovers? I have no idea! I picked up maybe 150 discards from local libraries for free!! Great way to fill a bookcase, if you're light on books.)

Dining Area

(The gray wall is magnetic. We hung empty frames so Seri could change the contents on a whim. Great for a party and even better for displaying the kids' never ending supply of art projects!

And that dining table? It's a fabulous find from CB2. The best part? There are two drawers on each side! It's perfect for storing placemats, crayons, and whatever other clutter usually ends up on your kitchen table. The drawers have these gorgeous, faceted lucite pulls! Totally unexpected - and arguable unnecessary - but they make you smile everytime you see them and isn't that what furnishing your home is all about?)

Play Area

(One of Seri's initial requests was for the kids' area to have a built-in ipad holder! Not that practical in a rental. But we came close! This amazing ipad stand from an Etsy vendor brings in the same refined/rustic contrast found throughout the space, into the children's area. This just underscores one of my favorite sayings, Just because you have kids, doesn't mean you have to live like one!)


You can check out the posts Seri and Raquel did on this project here and here. See ya later, Aligator!