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Play Chic Interiors featured on Houzz

I'm so excited to be featured on Houzz! For those of you who aren't familiar with Houzz, it's an invaluable resource for home owners and designers to share and exchange ideas. So I was thrilled when an editor contacted me to give an interview for this article on creative and effective toy storage. Thanks, Houzz!


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Thank you Project Nursery!

A huge thank you to Project Nursery for this fabulous feature! 



Play Chic Interiors featured on Well Rounded NY!

I'm so grateful to the girls at Well Rounded NY for featuring Play Chic Interiors in their latest blog post. You can read it here. The post features some ways in which we decorated Seri Kertzner's Greenwich Village apartment with her growing family in mind. 

Here are some of the ways that I shared with Seri, the Well Rounded girls, and now, with you!

- In decorating a family apartment, storage is key. The more the better! In Seri's place, we found extra storage in a media console with closed drawers, a dining table with drawers at each setting (amazing!!), two storage ottomans that do double duty as chic extra seating, a console with - you guessed it! - more drawers, and a cocktail ottoman with a shelf underneath for additional storage. Not to mention that we packed the bookcases with as many storage bins as possible (most from Ikea). Here's another related tip for storage bins: the bins themselves don't have to be pricey, but if you can coordinate all of your storage throughout your space, it will look that much more pulled together. So instead of buying a bin here and a bin there, try stocking up on, say 10 of the same bins at a lower price point. That way, you always have them when you need them. And let's be real, in the city, you always need them!

- Avoid those ugly (and furniture-ruining) corner protectors by making sure that every piece of furniture has rounded corners. In Seri's apartment, we went with a media console with rounded edges, an upholstered cocktail ottoman with rounded edges (double bang for your buck there with the upholstery factor), and round side tables. Of course there are some pieces where a rounded edge is not possible, but at least having this factor in mind when choosing furniture will help your home feel like yours - at least for a little while longer. 

- Invest in simple upgrades, like changing out those boob-fixtures that you find in the entrance to every apartment and ordering some cool switchplates to replace the ones that are already there. It only takes two screws! It's nice to change out the doorknobs too, if you can.

- Finally, do your homework. Some fabrics that you wouldn't think are kid friendly actually are and some that you think are resilient are not good for families. Case in point, Seri was hestitant about putting a white cowhide in her living room, but it's actually really a breeze to get spills out of cowhide. It's hair!! However, where you have to be careful is with natural fibers. Be sure to read the cleaning codes on fabrics before purchasing. (I'll write another blog post on this another time.) 

So here are a few tips for keeping your apartment safe, clean, and even a little sophisticated all with a toddler or two underfoot! Check out the post on Well Rounded for some more nuggets. 


Play Chic Interiors featured on Houzz!

Well, this was a nice email to wake up to this morning - Play Chic has been featured in an editor's ideabook on Houzz. Take a few minutes to check out 9 Decorating Projects for Lazy Summer Days. 

As always, a big thanks to Raquel Bianca Creative for the gorgeous pics!


Play Chic featured on Project Nursery!

Big news! One of Play Chic's projects is being featured on Project Nursery as one of the editors' picks for Room and Parties We Love This Week! Best of all, the room they picked is the closest to my heart of all - Lila and Jamesy's room. (The girls are pretty stoked about it too!)

Project Nursery is a fantastic resource for parents and parents-to-be looking for any kind of design inspiration for their little ones. (Think: Houzz for kids.) I am super flattered and honored to have my work recognized by this highly revered site! 

Check out the feature here. And, if you have a second, you can vote for Lila and Jamesy's room to be this week's Viewers' Favorite by clicking the Like button in the project gallery here. As always, the beautiful photos are courtesy of the uber-talented Raquel Langworthy of Raquel Bianca Creative. Thank you for your support!

Bon weekend everyone!