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Safari Chic Nursery

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Yeah, yeah. That was always a little too mushy for me. In the case of this nursery, however, it's actually the truth. (I don't think whoever said that initially was talking about interior design, but you never know.) I completed this project in August and I am super excited to share it with you today! 

Working with the client in designing this nursery was a dream. She has amazing taste and a discerning eye - and she makes decisions fast! My kind of girl. The project came with a few criteria:

1) The nursery was to be gender neutral; the parents-to-be were not finding out the sex of the baby ahead of time. 

2) Because they are planning on using this room as the nursery for future children, the palette was to be neutral, with bright pops of color. 

3) The design should incorporate giraffes. 

Check. Check. And check. When the client brought me on board, she had already purchased the Mercer crib from Pottery Barn Kids and was eying the Bennett double dresser from Room and Board to use as a changer. Both terrific choices.


However, it was during that first meeting that the clients' artwork caught my eye. In her basement was this amazing piece, painted by the wife's Maid of Honor and given to the couple as a wedding gift. The clients also received a wonderful photo of a bicycle as a wedding gift from the groomsmen. (Art as a wedding gift! What a terrific idea!) These pieces became the foundations of the room. Oh, and the stuffed giraffe. Of course.  

We quickly chose the Pisa Leaning Shelves in yellow to complement both pieces of art. In person, the yellow finish on these guys is just stunning! And even though we covered an entire reading corner with acrylic shelving for books, when the baby gets older, these shelves will be great for additional books and toys. I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as too much storage in a kid's room. 

Speaking of those acrylic shelves, by surrounding a corner with books, we were able to create a cozy reading nook that really feels like a separate space within the room. The glider is the Como by Monte Designs and the floor lamp is the Funky Floor Lamp from Stray Dog Designs. Between the handmade paper mache design and the eye-catching color; it really adds a special touch to this part of the room.  

Another special piece is the Dream Menagerie crewel rug from Anthropologie. It's colorful embroidery makes it a perfect centerpiece for the room, tying together the sleeping, changing, playing and reading areas. It also draws your eye up to the sophisticated and elegant Ferro Chandelier by Plantation Design.  

Finally, the neutral backdrop for all this color is provided by the Superfresco Squares wallpaper by Graham and Brown. The really neat thing about this wallpaper is that it's textured and paintable. So if the client wants to paint the room a color for the next baby, no problem! In white, however, this paper adds both tactile and visual interest. Everyone who enters the room just wants to feel the walls!

So, you may be asking, who is the little baby who gets to enjoy this sophisticated yet playful room? This little girl! 

Thank you Raquel Bianca Creative for the beautiful photos!




It's Show Time!

Well, autumn is finally in full swing. The kids are back in school (first full week this week - yay!), a lot of new projects are up and running, and I'm back to blogging regularly - or as regularly as possible. As you know, a lot of my summer was spent working on The Nursery for the Cedar Knolls Design Show House in Laurel Hollow, NY. Last week, I received these gorgeous photos by Raquel Langworthy of Raquel Bianca Creative and I could not wait to share them!

The inspiration for this room was the classic children's book by Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are. This was one of my favorite stories growing up. I couldn't get enough of Sendak's fantastical sketches then and I can't now! As soon as I saw this Fornasetti wallpaper from Cole and Son, I was instantly transported - and I knew that visitors to the show house would be too. To make a big impact, I papered all four walls with the Chiavi Segrete print and used an antique mirror pattern, also from Cole and Son, for the ceiling. Since the room was fairly small, the result was an all-encompassing feeling of coziness, meant to transport the viewer into a fantasy land. 

More practically speaking, however, another goal of this room was to illustrate to people that you can design a gender-neutral nursery that is neither boring nor blah. Yep, this is not a blah room. Just ask this guy.

He lives under the swing and was there to greet the guests when they walked in. Nice touch, I thought. 

Another attraction of the room was the porch swing hanging from the ceiling. Many of my clients these days are opting to forgo a glider or rocker, in favor of a daybed in the nursery. This shows that you can have both! (It really is quite comfortable.)

Another traditional piece of nursery furniture that I find my clients opting out of - with my support - is a changing table. Don't get me wrong, we have not perfected babies to the point that they no longer need diapers (I'm working on it), it's just that a changing table is a somewhat expensive piece of furniture with a limited lifespan. Even the "convertible changing tables" - dressers with a changing table topper - do not fare well with time. (The topper tends to scratch the top of the dresser underneath.) I encourage clients to look for a dresser that they love and then we use a little magic (I'll share my trick for this in another post) to turn it into a safe changing table for baby. Here, I used a small chest of drawers from Brownstone furniture as the changing table.

and from the aligator's point of view...

You can never have too much storage in a nursery. Babies just have a lot of stuff. While people usually gravitate toward floor bins and bookcases, they don't often think of taking advantage of other vertical surfaces in the room - like doors. Here, I installed three hooks on the back of the door and hung embroidered boat totes that I ordered from Land's End. It's easy - Baby wants to play with something? Take down the bag. Baby is done playing with something? Load up the bag and hang it up. Simple as that. 

The other storage item that I used in the room were these custom acrylic towers. Because the room was so small and had so much going on already, I wanted the necessary nursery items - books!! - to seem to float in mid-air. Mission accomplished. Or so says the giraffe...

Speaking of nursery essentials. You can't have a nursery without a crib! (I guess you technically could, but I wouldn't recommend it.) For a special touch and one that would pick up on the garden motif, I used the Martine crib from RH Baby & Child. The bedding is custom from Doodlefish Kids.

Finally, no Play Chic room would be complete without tons of fanciful details. From a handmade mobile (by moi) to a rollerskating giraffe, this room is chock full of wonderful and wacky moments. 

That's all for now! As always, thanks for playing!