Ant Infestation And Control


Ants are a pest. During warm or wet weather, you might find the number of these pests in your home and garden increasing. Different types of ants can damage your home and get into your food, including carpenter, pavement, odorous house, pharaoh, and acrobat ants. If that seems like a lot, it is.

Dealing with this pest can mean spending a lot of money on harsh chemicals or calling an exterminator. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and you, but there are ways you can have ant control without going to the extremes.

Keep your home clean

Keeping your home clean is a natural way to ensure ants will not get into the home and make it less enticing. Household cleaners for floors and counter tops will remove any sugars or foods left behind that can attract ants. They will also clean always any scent trails any ants make should one be in your home. Without a scent trail, other ants are less likely to follow the lead ant.

Clean Your Dishes

Human food will attract ants into your home. If you do not regularly do your dishes, you are inviting ants to investigate your dirty plates and cutlery. Don’t let your dirty dish sit around too long. It is best to do dishes once a day or every couple of days if you are too busy.

If you must leave dishes around, rinse them thoroughly and put them in the dishwasher. You can also rinse off food traces and leave them in the sink if you cannot get to them right away.

Rinse and Store Recyclables

Recycling is very important. Having clean recyclables is even more important. Your coke can have traces of sugars left in the bottom, which can and will attract ants if you leave them in your home. Rinse your recyclables and store them in your recycling bin outside your home.

Even if you have rinsed them, ants will be attracted to the smell of the leftover chemicals and sugars, and if your recycling bin is well removed from your home, you are less likely to have ants walking through it.

Take the Trash out

Once you have a full bag of trash, take it out to the trash can that is away from your home. Trash bags can leak leftovers and liquids, which can get on your floor. They also smell, which will attract ants to the garbage left in your home.

This also means cleaning up your leftover takeout and snacks from your rooms to prevent any ants from traveling around your home looking for more food. Discard food garbage in a receptacle and empty it regularly for the health of your home.

Final Thoughts

Ants are one of many pests that can ruin a home. They will destroy plants, get into your food, and walk through your bed if you let them. For extreme infestations, you may want to talk with a professional, like ant control San Diego by RD Pest Services, about options for ant control. Keep an eye on the floors around your home and keep them clean as it will be easier to spot these invaders before they get a foothold in your home.

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