Fire Rates Doors Importance In Singapore


If you need to install fireproof doors in the room, we will help you choose the model that best suits your particular situation. Let’s talk in more detail about the parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing fire doors, and also discuss what characteristics of the room should be taken into account in this case.

First, assess the building for fire and explosion hazards:

  • whether there are rooms in which easily flammable substances are stored
  • whether a fire extinguishing system is installed
  • how far is the nearest fire station
  • what material the walls are made of

The last point is very important. The degree of fire resistance of the door and wall must match.

If the fire resistance of the wall is lower, then in the event of a fire, it will collapse before the door. And then what is the point in the high resistance door if the wall falls first?

Now let’s talk about the doors themselves and figure out what their characteristics should be paid attention to first. Choosing the best fire rated door for your home is essential to your safety and lives. Consider consulting professionals from Gate Door Windows at if you require any specific help or have any enquires when it comes to fire rated doors.

In Singapore, door installation companies need to have proper certification to carry out door renovation works.

Choosing the right fire doors

In order for a fireproof door to meet your home needs for many years, allowing you to feel safe, appreciate its characteristics, you need to pay attention to the following aspects and factors:

Fire resistance

This most important indicator is reflected in the abbreviation EI and the two-digit number after it. In this case, the letter E denotes the loss of the integrity of the canvas, and I – the loss of the ability to heat insulation.

The number tells the time during which the door is able to hold fire.

So, a door with an indicator is guaranteed to be able to protect from fire raging in the next room for an hour and a half.

Some of the Russian manufacturers use other types of markings to indicate refractoriness. But in any case, after the letters, a two-digit number will be indicated, indicating the time of holding the flame.

Experts recommend buying doors with a fire resistance index of at least EI-45, since in most cases 30 minutes are enough for a complete burnout of a room. A wide selection of fire doors of various degrees of fire resistance is presented on our website in the section Fire doors.


Safety is, of course, above all, but you should not forget about aesthetics. Modern models of fire doors are very diverse in design, and it will not be difficult to find among them those that best fit into your interior.

Both the color of the door and the configuration of handles and inserts made of fire-resistant glass can play their weighty part in the design of the room.

Hardware quality

Before buying a door, be sure to check that the supplier has a certificate for the selected model. It must indicate the limit of fire resistance of the door at a certain temperature and the maximum temperature regime that it can withstand. This document confirms the fact that the model has passed all the necessary tests, which are carried out in conditions as close as possible to a real fire.


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