Poor Indoor Air Quality? Blame Your Air Duct And Other Pollutants


From mold spores to pollen to animal dander, the very air you breathe inside your home can contain different harmful microorganisms and pollutants. As such, professionals who offer air duct cleaning services have been adamant in emphasizing the need to regularly clean and inspect your air ducts to help keep the good quality of your indoor air.

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When your air ducts have leaks or gaps, they can pull in bad air from outside your home — including the dirt and pollutants they carry. This poor quality of air can get inside your home through your air conditioning system. And in case you don’t have leaks or gaps, it’s the dirt buildup in your air ducts that can negatively impact your indoor air. As the dirt and other debris reduce humidity control, mold can grow in your ducts and can get transported throughout your home through the very HVAC system you use. With reduced HVAC performance, the quality of your home’s air can further worsen.

What Can Pollute Your Indoor Air?

Companies who provide air duct cleaning services typically encounter the following harmful organisms and pollutants whenever they clean residential air ducts:

Biological agents. Besides mold and pet dander (if you have animals like dogs and cats), your air can be polluted with a host of bacteria and viruses. They don’t only worsen your indoor air quality, they can also trigger asthma and allergic reactions. Your family members who are especially sensitive to biological agents may experience watery eyes, itchy throat, and breathing difficulties. Besides air duct cleaning, using dehumidifiers can also help.

Combustion agents. Do you have a traditional fireplace in your home? Or a wood-burning stove? If so, your air duct can also get dirty because of the so-called combustion agents produced by burning wood, coal, gas, and other fuel sources. The most dangerous combustion agents are nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide — long exposure to them can cause dizziness, headache, and other breathing issues.

Cigarette smoke. Speaking of getting exposed to harmful combustion agents, another pollutant you should be aware of is formaldehyde — a harmful poison contained in cigarette smoke. If someone in your household smokes excessively and inside your home, you are at risk of getting indoor air pollution.

Paint and volatile organic compound. VOCs exist in great amounts in household paints. If you’ve recently painted your home or a part of your home, make sure to get your air ducts cleaned afterward. Pollutants present in VOCs like benzene and methylene chloride are linked with cancer.

When To Get Help From Air Duct Cleaning Experts?

Considering the dangers and consequences of having unclean air ducts, it’s only important to invest in hiring top-notch air duct cleaning services.

You need to hire this kind of service once you see substantial and visible mold growth in your ducts or in the other parts of your HVAC system. You should especially consider cleaning your ducts when utility bills continue to rise for uncertain reasons — it could mean that your ducts have been clogged excessively causing your HVAC system to “overwork.”
The state of your air duct dictates the state of your indoor air quality so have them cleaned regularly. If you need air duct cleaning services, contact JCS Home Services today!

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