What You Need in a Minimalist Home in 2021


How much of your home is filled with clutter right now? How many of your quarantine purchases proved useless and just a waste of money? If you’ve seen your behavior in the previous months spiral out of control and your bank account suffered for it, you’ll probably want to take a step back and reevaluate your life choices.

You may even want to consider a minimalist lifestyle now. But does that mean getting rid of everything you have at home? Here’s what you need in a minimalist home that is realistic in 2021:

A Clear Goal

Many do minimalism wrong by just thinking they need to throw away everything they own. That would be a waste of money if it doesn’t align with your personal purpose. You will only replace those with the same items sooner or later. Minimalism need not be wasteful. Do it right by having a purpose. What do you aim to achieve by going minimalist? Do you want to clear your headspace? Do you want to spend more time with the people you love instead of on gadgets you spend money every year updating? Do you have a clear “why”?

Your goal will then define how much of your life needs to change. If you want to be more tidy, you can store everything in a more systematic manner. If you want to go tiny, you will want to pare down on your items. If you want to live a more organic life, you will want to change the products you use, minimize waste, and buy face mask online together with your other beauty items to reduce the cost and toll of shipment on the environment.

Storage Bins

Minimalism is all about living a simpler, uncluttered life. This doesn’t mean living with just one of everything, although it does suggest that you spend more on fewer high-quality items than multiples of lower-quality items. Minimalism teaches you to live a more intentional life, but if that means you need to have some items at home, then so be it. Just make sure you do store them neatly so that they don’t clutter your work area and, by extension, your life.

Note Board

A cluttered lifestyle means you are not able to think clearly and prioritize well. You may also be procrastinating on important tasks because you feel overwhelmed by the amount of visual clutter surrounding you. Give yourself one board to write your priorities on, and make sure that board doesn’t get cluttered too. Write a few things that you need to get done quickly, and replace them with urgent tasks as new ones come up.


Make sure there are at most seven items on your board, and if there are tasks that span days, break them down into several doable items. You are doing this to train your mind to be organized and systematic. Pretty soon, the rest of your room will follow. You will want to keep fewer items on your desk, and those that you do keep there will have a purpose.


The switch to minimalism doesn’t happen overnight. Find your purpose, and then slowly work your way toward it.

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