HDB Interior Door Selection: How To Choose The Right One


You are at a crucial moment in your journey, the one that sees the birth of the setting of your life. Whether you have opted for construction, on an ideally located land, or for the renovation of a building full of character, you face a series of essential choices. The selection of doors that will punctuate your living spaces is part of this list.

So, your decisions today will delight you in the long term, you will be guided by your desires but also by criteria of quality, durability and professionalism. You can visit SGDoors for more HDB door choices and selection, as well as bedroom and wooden doors.

Your ideal interior door according to your needs

The look and feel of your future home has already taken shape in your mind. These images are your starting point in making the best possible choice when it comes to interior doors.

Depending on the universe and the atmosphere of your dreams, you will choose a modern interior door, a wooden interior door or a glazed interior door. The main thing is to determine your tastes, the outlines of your practical needs and your requirements for the quality of products and materials.

Between certain specific rooms, the sliding interior door is an ideal option, which saves space and facilitates passage. A glazed interior door optimizes the passage of light and gives a spacious impression while allowing thermal or sound insulation. With a view to consistency and elegance, design is also one of the priority criteria. The realization of a custom interior door allows you to obtain the precise result you are looking for.

The criteria for choosing a wooden interior door

Faced with the extent of your possibilities in terms of choice for your future doors, certain criteria will guide you towards an optimal selection.

The Expert’s Choice For A Custom Interior Door

The know-how, experience and reliability of the carpentry professional is, of course, an essential starting point. The expert’s vision, his creativity and his strength of proposal, enrich your thinking and open up the field of possibilities.

By discovering your real estate project, the carpenter will work in synergy with you to come up with a personalized proposal. It is also the quality of his work, and his careful selection of materials, which will guarantee you a lasting result, satisfactory in the long term. A sense of service and availability are also the strengths of a good supplier, to ensure the proper progress of the site and your peace of mind.

The Interior Door In Your Decoration

The choice of the custom-made interior door also aims to meet your wishes for aesthetics, harmony, design. It must fit into the ideal visual setting, in which you want to evolve, most of the time.


In terms of look, you will position yourself on the appearance and color of the wood, on any reliefs and moldings or, on the contrary, on a refined style specific to the modern interior door. Brightness is a highly sought after criterion, favored by the choice of a glass interior door. Lovers of space and simplicity will choose the sliding interior door, capable of considerably changing the layout of the space while being very discreet.

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