Metal Photo Prints – Their Features and Benefits You Must Consider


Every art lover will agree to the fact that metal photo prints are unbeatable when it comes to variety and durability. In fact, even if you don’t follow art as a passion and haven’t chased the quality of pictures in an art gallery, a single look can still conclude for you that metal photo prints are 100 times better than paper photo prints on a canvas. Ergo, it’s beyond just the overall appearance of metal prints. They’re also superior in the following ways.

They do not shrill or welt in heat like a paper or canvas will.
They do not smudge or fade that is again the case with prints on paper.

Having said that, we would like to take you through some features that make metal photo prints a perfect choice for exteriors as well as interiors.

1. Metal Photo Prints are Quite Interesting

Since metal photo prints can be done in 2 ways – the white metal print and the brushed metal print – the outcome is quite different.

The outcome of a white metal photo print is brighter pictures with a very high contrast ratio that makes the entire print extremely vibrant despite its matte finish.

The outcome of a brushed metal print is quite contemporary in nature. The brushed metal print focuses on leaving some areas in the picture entirely white. These white patches look brushed in comparison to the darker patches on the picture.

2. Metal Photo Prints are Long Lasting

The major reason that makes Big Acrylic large metal prints long lasting is that the dye in these photo prints is on the inside of the metal. As a result, nothing comes directly in contact with the dye. As a result:

The graphics, text, and the entire picture in itself remains smudge proof and fade resistant.
Metal photo prints do not lose their shine when cleaned with a wet cloth.
These photo prints are also very easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe the surface to get rid of dust and dirt.

3. Metal Photo Prints are Highly Customizable

Metal photo prints can be customized in a number of ways as listed below.

These photo prints are size customizable up-to 60” x 90”.
These photo prints are shape customizable too.
These photo prints can be mounted in 4 different ways – standard option, float frame option, the metal box option, and the float option.

All in all, since metal photo prints can withstand heat as well water, they’re the very best options for outdoor decor.

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