What are the Best Canadian Cities to Live In?


Canada is a vast and gorgeous country that has a home for anyone who wants one.  With areas ranging from stunning rocky coasts to beautiful snow-covered mountains, you’ll never run out of good views and experiences.  Still, with all of this selection to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to settle down!  Here are the best cities to move to in Canada and why you should consider leaping as soon as possible!

Victoria, BC

Victoria could have been called New Seattle if the two cities hadn’t grown side by side.  Victoria has a funky and fun reclaimed-wood kind of feeling about it, and it’s made artists and creatives from all walks of life fall in love with it.  Not only do you get a view of the water from nearly every angle, but the creative people here inspire a sense of hope and excitement in everyday life that you can’t find anywhere else.  Victoria is the kind of city that could make a hopeless romantic out of anyone; you’ll never want to leave.

Toronto, ON

Known as The Six by fans of Drake and Hogtown by locals, Toronto is a one-of-a-kind city.  Touted as the most diverse city on Earth by several publications, Toronto works hard to keep cultures alive and vibrant while the incredible people in the town mingle.  Although the city prices will shock most people, these costs can be worth it if you’re wanting to get closer to downtown life and partying.  You’ll never be bored in Ontario.

Calgary, AB

Cowboys are still alive and well in Calgary, Alberta!  This cattle rustling town has enough of a history with cowpoke and ranchers to make Texas quake in its boots.  Calgary keeps this history alive with some of the most incredible and packed rodeos in the world and a great bar scene that keeps everyone lively in their boots.  The surrounding area is gorgeous, and the property prices are cheap enough that anyone would be excited to look at Calgary homes for sale!

Vancouver, BC

British Columbia is well known as an artsy hub in Canada, and if you’re considering Victoria, it’s only fair that you think about Vancouver as well!  Also known as Canada’s Hollywood, this gorgeous island is here to surprise and thrill anyone who visits.  Just a couple of hours from Whistler National Park, Vancouver is the place to go for sun, water, and seasonal snow.  Although this city does get chilly, the beautiful surroundings and delicious food will keep you warm!

Banff, AB

If you want to have city living while also staying tucked away into the snow and the beauty of mountain living, Banff is the place to go.  This national park is a landmark for anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zones and get closer to the outdoors.  In the winter, you can enjoy the slopes for skiing or snowboarding, and in summers, the trails are open for hiking, trail biking, and enjoying the endless greenery and views around you.  If heaven is a place on Earth, it’s in Banff.

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