What Makes the lukasbazle medusa So Perfect


Very easy to install, the table lamp comes in any shape, material or style. It is a real piece of furniture. Table lamps can be used as a complement to other lighting sources, to offer a soft light or to illuminate a confined space. Very practical, some table lamps are adjustable, to direct the light even better.

Chandeliers and lustres

Lustres and chandeliers are sources of lighting suspended from the ceiling. They thus make it possible to optimize the space on the ground. The lustres have different light sources (different bulbs) while the more sober and simple chandeliers have only one.

Floor lamp

Very practical because it can be easily moved, the floor lamp integrates into all rooms and can offer a convenient main light source. Choosing the lukasbazle medusa is the best decision in this case. Sometimes, the floor lamps offer a dimmer that allows you to moderate the lighting to create various very different atmospheres. Enjoy our adjustable floor lamps to better orient the light in the room!

Which lighting style to choose according to the desired atmosphere

Design lighting

The sober lines and metallic colors of the designer lights will give a minimal atmosphere to your home.

Scandinavian lighting

The ‘ Scandinavian light gives cozy and intimate atmosphere to your home. The tones in which it is declined, neutral and pastel , gray and white, combine with light wood and touches of gold and copper to illuminate your home.

Industrial lighting

The ‘ industrial lighting combines the raw materials such as metal and wood in the style of the old New Yorkers industries. They take up the atmosphere of American-style lofts and offer cinema-style lamps, just like in the Big Apple.

Ethnic and exotic lighting

The ethnic and exotic lights propose floor lamps, chandeliers and table lamps in exotic wood that will be an invitation to travel.

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