Lawn Care: Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Lawn?


If you are a lawn owner, you must know things you should and shouldn’t do to your lawn. The beauty of your lawn is important in the sense that it’s the first thing visitors would notice. A beautiful lawn would indefinitely render an impressive impression about yourself in their minds. Below given are some of the things you should never do to your lawn.

Don’t skip aerating

No matter you sodded the lawn or not, they are placed over the loose topsoil. With time, pets, mowers, and several other activities compact the soil, thus not allowing air, oxygen, and water to enter the soil. Not just that, it also doesn’t allow important nutrients to penetrate the soil. Thus, your task is to restore the healthy soil conditions by nurturing the topsoil of your lawn. For that purpose, you need an aerator to loosen and aerate the soil. You can also hire professional lawn care services for aerating the soil.

Don’t use a dull mower blade

Blunt mower blades fail to slice the grass neatly. It rather cuts through the grass blades, which harms the plant. A lawn that is mowed using a dull blade can always be understood because the grass looks brown on top. Hence, always be sure to sharpen the blade of the mower, before putting it to use. This helps you keep the lawn in good shape.

Don’t water daily

Excessive water can be harmful to your lawn and the plants. Instead of watering the grass every day, prefer watering the entire lawn once a week for at least an hour. This will enable the lawn to absorb water deeply, making it healthier and drought-tolerant gradually.

Don’t mow in the same direction every time

Instead of mowing in the same direction, change the directions every time. Sometimes, do it from front to back, while other times do it diagonally. Repeatedly mowing in one direction would lead the grass to grow at an angle, which makes the entire lawn look odd. Consult a lawn maintenance company for expert tips in this regard.

Don’t cut wet grass

When you mow wet grass using the mower, the mower wheels leave ruts in your yard. This makes the soil of the lawn uneven. The wet grass might even stick to the underside of the mower deck, which would be even difficult to clean.

Now that you have come to know what you shouldn’t do to keep your lawn healthy and attractive, follow them to get evident results. Lawn mowing is a challenging task. You can even search for lawn mowing services around you and hire them to get your work done!

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