Seven Important Elements of a Modern Kitchen


Making a modern kitchen requires more than just having a few sleek appliances. The best kitchen style often lies in the details. If you want to transform your kitchen from being slightly modern to a truly beautiful malfunctioning space, you need to be aware of the required elements. These include the following:

Modern Appliances

A modern kitchen is equipped with modern appliances to fit in with its overall aesthetics. These appliances add to the functionality of the space and fit your lifestyle, helping you get the most out of your new kitchen. Stainless steel appliances are a famous investment in a modern kitchen. 

Simple Cabinetry

Modern kitchen design embraces simple cabinetry to improve the clean, sleek lines of the space. If you are looking for Conception Nouvelle Cuisine, choose an uncluttered cabinet design and minimalist hardware with a chrome, black, or stainless steel finish. If you want your cabinetry to have a more streamlined look, opt for handleless cabinetry.

Minimalistic Aesthetic

When it comes to a modern kitchen, less is modern and it does not have any cluttered benchtops or fussy accessories. Your kitchen designer will introduce personality into the space through practical features like attractive bar stools and coloured splashbacks. Also, the work additional storage into the design so clutter won’t accumulate on benchtops and small appliances have storage. 

Simple Sleek Hardware

This hardware is used to finish modern kitchen furniture. You may find C-channel hardware and tubular or flat linear pulls incorporated into the cabinet. The horizontal cabinet lines are accompanied by cabinet hardware that runs the entire length of the drawers and doors. 

Feature Pendant Lights

These lights are used to inject extra personality and interest in your kitchen. They are placed above the benchtop. You can opt for a vibrant colour to lift the neutral palette or choose industrial style lighting for an edgy feel. Pendant options that feature geometric shapes and exaggerated sizes are also available. 

Island Bench

Professional kitchen designers use island benches in modern kitchen design to complement open spaces. To make this feature more practical, work in some functional drawers or extra space. Also, consider using a contrasting colour with your island bench to offset the rest of the kitchen space. 

Organised and Accessible Drawers

Organisation is important in the kitchen, especially for one with a modern style. Kitchen drawers these days are more than just a wide-open box to which you can dump your utensils and tools. They are organised with a place for everything.

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