A brief idea about tabletops and countertops



Furniture is the basic constituent of every beautiful interior of a house, office, or any sort of establishment. The table is one of the most utility products amongst the furniture family. It can be used for many purposes. Some table owners have been found with the ambition of having a presentable outlook in addition to the utility factor. For that purpose, many people look forward to buying tables made of different materials and different decorations. A marble table top or a countertop is found to be the most happening choice in this aspect. In the following section, we will discuss the different material-made tables and countertops.

Tables made of different materials 

Tables are generally made up of wood. Since the time of its inception, wood was the basic material for making tables. The reason being the availability of wood, and the procedure of processing wood was only available then. However, with evolution, tables became being constructed with other materials like glass and marble. Glass tables are very delicate and cost a fortune because of the hardship faced while making them and the price of the raw material. Whereas in comparison to glass tables, marble table top are not that costly and not that hard to manufacture either.

Marble table tops and countertops 

Marble as a raw material is very soft, but it is scratch-free and very dense. It is also free from preceding stains and other marks which are not easy to remove. Because of this reason, marble table tops have very high longevity and are mark-free, and remain smooth. But for the same nature, it is very hard to do any kind of artwork or decorations on a marble table top. Another advantage of having a table made of marble is that they are very environmentally friendly. They are always in style and can fit into any form or style of interior setting or design. Also, in comparison to quartz and other materials, tables made of marbles are very less expensive. Also, with the proper care and usage, marble table tops can prove to be very durable.


Tables and countertops are every household product. More or less, its utility is manifold and is very much eligible as a decoration item that can shine inside a drawing room or a meeting room. Thus we get a clear overview of table’s tops.

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