Common Freezer Problems And Solutions


Refrigerators are an essential accessory that allows us to store food items for a long duration. Now you don t have to stand in the long queue to buy your grocery as with a refrigerator you can save us the time of grocery shopping daily. But what if it goes bad? There are three common problems and solutions for which freezer repair service is called for commonly. Here are they.

1.   Strange Noises Coming From The Freezer

Refrigerators make noise all the time, but sometimes it might sound strange. Noises like clicks, sizzle, gurgles, swishes are common, as the appliance is making ice or defrosting. Not always you need to worry about the noises. But if the noise is something other than the ones we are mentioning here, you might have to replace the evaporator fan motor.

You can do a quick check. inspect if the freezer is maintaining the right temperature that you had set, is it dispensing the water and ice, etc. If everything is working fine, the noise is probably a cause of general operations.

Experiencing loud humming and buzzing sounds can also be subject to the time you hear it. Nights are much quieter than the days, and thus you might feel the refrigerator is a bit louder in the night.

2.   Frost Build-Up

Refrigerators have a defrost heater that prevents the formation of frost. When the defrost refrigerator goes bad, the freezer might not properly remove the frosting, and you might need a replacement. You must call for freezer repair service in case the frost is forming around the freezer door’s gasket. Frost build-up on the back of the freezer section where the evaporator coil is located indicates that the possible culprit of frost build-up is defrosting cycle.

3.   Water Leaking On The Floor Next To The Freezer

The defrost drain sometimes freezes, you need to defrost and clean it regularly. Sometimes you might see some water leaking from the refrigerator. It can be due to many reasons, some being dropped ice cubes melting inside the appliance, spilled drink when filling a glass or the hookup for water and ice has a lost connection. The leakage could be due to the household connection too. Inspect the water line going from the shutoff valve to the freezer and attaches it to the appliance and the household valve. See if there is any water build-up around the shutoff valve and needs to be replaced. You might have to hire a licensed plumber for it. If the water is coming from the freezer, immediately contact the freezer repair service.

4.   Wrapping Up

These 3 are the main reason to call an expert freezer repair service. Before approaching any repair service, make sure to do your homework. You can not just associate any repair service; to find the expert to repair your freezer, check their license and credentials. Moreover, you can go on to check the review and ranking of the repair service online.

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